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          1. 校友好处
          2. 毕业
          3. 画廊
          4. 新闻
          5. 校友大使
          6. 职业和专业发展
          7. 校友企业和服务目录
          8. 支持我们
          9. 常见问题解答
          10. 联系我们
          11. 更新您的详细信息
          12. 隐私声明
          13. 更换证书
          1. 你的仪式
          2. 条款和条件


          By making an online booking, or submitting a booking form to the 城市888真人赌博, applicants accept the following Terms and Conditions:

          • To arrive at the venue sufficiently in advance of the ceremony start time; to collect my tickets at least 40 minutes in advance of the start of the ceremony; and to be seated at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony
          • 这两个我的机票和购买的客人门票不能转移到另一个仪式,或以其他学生
          • To submit my reply by 23:59 on the deadline for replies supplied by Student and Academic Services in my invitation. Beyond that time and date, no further applications can be made or changes made to existing applications
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        • To bring photo ID to the ceremony venue. Photo ID is required by all students in order to collect tickets for both themselves and their guests, and to collect their gowns. ONLY the student can collect the tickets and gowns
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        • If for reasons beyond the control of the Student Records Office my award has not been agreed by an assessment board by 5pm on the day of the deadline, the invitation to graduate will be withdrawn (please see the casus fortuitus statement below)
        • To agree to the taking of still and video images for publicity purposes, and to the publication of individual's names and awards in the 毕业 Programme.
        • 开战fortuitus

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